MRS ROSA : The woman who gives goats!!

تم إنشاء جمعية روزا بعد الاجتماع بين حسنية كانوبي ومدير المنظمة الفرنسية غير الحكومية "Elevages sans frontières". ومنذ ذلك الحين ، تم تنفيذ العديد من المشاريع بهدف أولوي هو دعم المرأة القروية لتوليد دخل منتظم ومستدام من خلال تربية الماعز.

The Rosa association was created following the meeting between Hassania Kanoubi and the director of the French NGO "Elevages sans frontières". Since then, various projects have been carried out with the priority objective of supporting rural women to generate a regular and sustainable income through the breeding of goats, 
DIRECTED BY : Soufiane Kabbou
CAMERA OPERATOR : Soufiane kabbou ,adil zegnoune 
CAMERA ASSISSTANT :salahdine ouhiya 
VIDEO EDITOR: Soufiane kabbou 
MUSIC BY :Mouhamed amine blal 

( This production was supported by OPEN Media Hub with funds provided by the European Union )

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